Gavin (DHP, HPD, ObD, GPRf, PT, ITEC, ABT) is very comfortable in public speaking environments and has a unique ability to engage an audience in a variety of settings

Crucially for businesses and schools, Gavin is the only REPs registered Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes management specialist in the Plymouth region. He is the foremost expert on assisting individuals over BMI 30 and is qualified and insured to deliver weight loss programmes for BMI over 30 individuals and groups. Gavin has achieved truly remarkable results working with BMI over 30 individuals as part of the Plymouth Herald's I love life programme (also see BBC one spotlight documentary). This knowledge and experience can be used and transferred to your business or school to inspire and engage everyone involved. 

Gavin has delivered high profile warm ups to thousands of people, kick starting events such as the Plymouth 10k, Sport relief race and St Luke's Midnight Walk (for sample video see publicity section). The type of fun, exercise to music warm ups that he produces are perfect for all ages and what can be more awe inspiring than seeing thousands of people moving in unison. 

For school groups he also uses these types of warm ups and includes various team building games with fundamental movement skills for the children (skipping, bending, twisting, jumping, throwing, crawling etc.). The school sessions have been very successful working in partnership with the University of St Mark and St John, as part of their school outreach programme. Gavin has delivered sessions for all ages from primary school to sixth form and adapts the session content accordingly.  

Gavin is experienced in delivering courses, presentations, workshops and seminarsHis workshops and seminars on 'Health Science' are highly regarded. These workshops and seminars are perfect for businesses, who would like to educate their staff on healthy living and the science behind health (a healthy workforce is frequently more productive and more content). The same workshops and seminars have also been adapted for school groups of all ages. The presentations have the ability to captivate a wide scope of different audiences. 

Gavin has also put together and will lead a fitness and health vocational course in 2016 for international students, after being approached by the TellUs group - relating his work as the Author of Stonebridge Associated Colleges REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer diploma course. Due to his entrepreneurial and scientific nominations for his work on the 'Football Coded Grading System', Gavin has also presented at the Plymouth City Centre Civic Centre and at a European Parliament Hall for a project in Caserta, Italy.