Gavin R. Seymour Publicity Timeline in Chronological Order (The Herald Newspaper) 2012-present: 

2012 Gavin has received extensive publicity in the local media over the last 3 years. His first major breakthrough was with a 'Wedding Dress Challenge' gained via his growing Personal Training reputation (above left). The emphasis on this project was to create huge lifestyle changes in a relatively short time and reach the successful weight loss objective (of fitting into an expensive dress bought many sizes too small). Kerry (bride) was given numerous Personal Training sessions and nutritional guidance in the programme and was able to achieve the incredible results needed to fit into her dream dress and have a beautiful beach wedding. 

2013 Additionally Gavin has also received widespread acclaim for his work in professional football and youth football. With significant media coverage (above right) around his European Parliament nomination for scientific innovation and his business partnership with national firm Goals Soccer Centres. He was invited to Caserta, Italy to represent the UK for the 'ideas on the move' project. His nomination was based on his groundbreaking work in developing the 'Football Coded Grading System' (a football technique assessment programme based on sports science research). For more information visit 

Gavin has also been invited as an expert at many high profile health events in the region. 

(Left) Gavin providing a warm-up for thousands of women at the St Luke's Midnight Walk (Here))


2014-2015- Love Life 1 Gavin was chosen to lead a huge public health campaign called 'I Love Life', funded and supported by Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Community Healthcare and the University of St Mark and St John. The programme was followed throughout by the Herald newspaper. 

Gavin's role was to give the participants exercise sessions and health seminars (alongside live well team) over an intensive 8 week period and then follow up with exercise sessions and group challenges up to a 6 month period. The participants were a real mix and all provided different challenges, from recent childbirth, to restricting injuries and high levels of obesity. Gavin also made a series of home workout videos to encourage the public to get involved.

The progress of the 'love lifers' was measured throughout the process and they all achieved exceptional results. In the 8 week follow up health check, every single 'love lifer' lost weight and reduced in body fat percentage. Critically they also all improved in individual health scores such as visceral (internal) fat, blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, resting heart rate etc. 

The love life group then met up each month either for a group challenge or group health test. At month 3 they showed enormous determination in completing the Burrator challenge - reaching the top of a Dartmoor tor and being rewarded with one of the best views in Devon (great achievement considering their previous inactivity 12 weeks previous). 

Month 4 saw the Love Lifers meet up for their health check ups. Everyone achieved fantastic results either making big strides forward or managing to cope with difficult personal issues and maintaining. Gavin has assisted the love lifers with individual sports massage therapy and solution focussed hypnotherapy sessions. As well as the weight loss, the Love Lifers have also achieved great progress in their ability to cope with stress and become healthier from an holistic perspective. 

For Month 5 the Love Lifers completed an epic Devon cycle trail which challenged them mentally and physically. The whole group showed incredible mental toughness and have inspired others with their achievements. Everyone has benefitted from the programme and the participants have developed an amazing team spirit which has helped them. 

The final, month 6 Love Life report was focussed on the star of the programme Liam Sheerin and celebrating Liam's incredible life changing transformation. Liam has literally saved his life through changing his lifestyle. When he started Liam had dangerous blood sugar levels (11.1) and visceral (internal) fat (29) - in less than six months Liam lost 103.74 pounds/46.7kg/7.34 stone of bodyweight. And amazingly this continued - tested again 6 weeks later, 59.95kg/9.42 total weight loss and visceral fat down to 10 (normal). Inspirational... Article links

THE HERALD'S I LOVE LIFE 2 - (SPONSORED BY PLYMOUTH CITY COUNCIL, PLYMOUTH COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE AND THE UNIVERSITY OF ST MARK AND ST JOHN): Using Morgans Wellbeing Centre and Crownhill Fort for the sessions - PublicHealth in Local Business Focus (13 people connected with 'Need a Cab' Taxi Firm) 

2015- Love Life 2 Based on the incredible success of the first love life programme, Gavin was approached to lead a second love life campaign based on improving the health of a whole business. Liam Sheerin's remarkable transformation inspired his company 'Need a Cab' to sign up and take part. 

The programme was once again funded and supported by Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Community Healthcare and the University of St Mark and St John. The programme will be followed throughout by the Herald newspaper. 

Gavin will be giving multiple weekly group exercise sessions and weekly health seminars (alongside live well team) over an intensive 7 week period after individual health tests. The programme will continue after the 7 weeks, with the aim to create lasting lifestyle change, improve the health of the entire company collectively and inspire others in sedentary jobs to be active for life. 

With the programme up and running the Need a Cab group really embrace the group exercise sessions and seminars. The teamwork is incredible and everybody is pushing each other on. The group meets twice a week for group exercise at either Morgan's wellbeing centre or crownhill fort totalfit and has one seminar a week at Morgan's centre (Gavin works alongside livewell team for seminar). Many members of the group also see Gavin up to 3 more times a week for individualised exercise sessions. 

The group exercise sessions have focused on teaching the group firstly how to move functionally in a correct way that protects their joints and how to stretch correctly. Then the sessions have been about layering in high intensity intervals which are very effective for reducing visceral fat and also delivering sessions that are balanced in terms of the movements used but also with highly variety to ensure enjoyment and exercise adherence. 

WEEK 7/8 - The results after the first 7 week block are a staggering - the group collectively achieved total visceral fat loss of 23! and total collective weight loss of 8.62 stone (97.5% of which - 8.41 stone was pure fat mass!!!

The progress has been documented by the Plymouth Herald, BBC Spotlight regional news and BBC radio Devon. The group will continue to have sessions with Gavin at Morgan's Wellbeing Centre and Crownhill Fort, with the Plymouth Herald catching up with the group at monthly I Love Life challenges. 


The love life programme is followed by the Plymouth Herald monthly beyond the first seven weeks for Gavin R. Seymour's monthly challenges. The first monthly challenge saw the group conquer a Burrator 4 mile hike and also climb the steep Sheepstor. This was an incredible day for the whole group and everyone proved they have made significant progress since the programme began. Roger achieved something truly amazing - just a few months ago he was 31 stone and unable to walk 100 yards and yet he was able to complete the 4 mile hilly hike around Burrator (testament to his determination and the results from the training methods used in the Love Life programme). 

The second I Love Life group challenge saw the group complete a Kayaking challenge. Mountbatten is a beautiful place to kayak and everyone really enjoyed the experience. The session wasn't just about kayaking to one destination, we played various team building games and races in order to encourage everybody to work together and support each other. The group has been progressing at different rates over the last month with some people experiencing difficult personal situations and working pressures, it was fantastic for everyone to enjoy getting in the water and conquer a fear/accept a new challenge.

The Need a Cab group continued to make progress over 3 months after the initial programme. All the participants have found new routines of exercise relative to their working hours and lifestyle. To signify the 5 month mark from the beginning of the programme, a group of the I Love Life participants undertook and completed a gruelling cycle ride - Plympton to Tavistock and back. This is an excellent cycle trail with beautiful Devon landscapes throughout. The challenge was a massive achievement for everyone involved and particularly Michael who had cycled very little previously and required significant determination and resolve to complete the challenge. 

Nearly three weeks after the cycle challenge, many of the Need a Cab group were able to get follow up health measurements (174 days after beginning the programme). The health scores were impressive, with massive improvements coming from especially Trevor and Michael, whom lost 4 and half stone between each other. The group was also able to reflect on the positive impact their lifestyle changes have had on their families and in inspiring the next generation. The Need a Cab group continue to train with Gavin as part of the BBC One spotlight documentary and can take part in forthcoming I Love Life challenges as a new I Love Life cohort is being prepared. 

THE HERALD'S I LOVE LIFE 3 - (MAIN SPONSORS ARE PLYMOUTH CITY COUNCIL, PLYMOUTH COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE AND THE UNIVERSITY OF ST MARK AND ST JOHN): Using Plymouth Life Centre for the sessions - Public Health in Local Business Focus (12 employees of Cater Ed) 

2015/6 - Love Life 3 This project was aimed at an entirely different profile of participant compared to the Need a Cab project. The choice was to use Cater Ed school catering managers, with the cohort being predominately female and all working at different schools in the Plymouth area. 

The programme was once again funded and supported by Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Community Healthcare and the University of St Mark and St John. The programme will be followed throughout by the Herald newspaper. 

Gavin provided two exclusive group exercise sessions weekly and one weekly health seminar (alongside Lucy from livewell) over an intensive 7 week period (all the sessions at the Plymouth Life Centre) after individual health tests at the University of St Mark and St John.

The majority of the Cater Ed group had never exercised prior to the programme and the main focus of the sessions was to teach correct exercise technique (teaching how to move functionally, how to lift weights etc). Another key focus was to make the sessions varied and fun, encouraging team work. The Cater Ed group were able to enjoy the exercise sessions as they experienced boxing, trampolining, weightlifting, climbing, spinning and more. 

Each member of the group also received individualised support from Gavin via social media and were able to learn about all areas related to successful weight loss, such as correct nutrition and stress management strategies. Many of the group also noticed that they felt less pain as they began to exercise and learn about postural control. Individuals that may have felt previous back or knee pain noticed this started to reduce. Gavin provided sports massage and taping to assist in this process. Overall the sessions were built up in intensity very gradually and the focus was on building a strong foundation of exercise technique and ensuring all the sessions had a 'fun' element. 

The Cater Ed group achieved Outstanding Results:

WEEK 7 - The results after the first 7 week block are a remarkable - the group collectively achieved 64.5cm waist circumference loss!, 9 Stone 1.1 lbs weight loss!, and Total approximate calories burned of 444,837.72 kcal!!!

The Cater Ed group were rewarded due to their exceptional results with a fantastic make over organised by the Herald. The ladies all look great and had an amazing time.

Following the initial 7 weeks, 10 of the group have continued to exercise with Gavin with 2 exclusive group sessions each week. Everyone is enjoying their new healthy lifestyle and their new found fitness is allowing them to take part in new activities such as the Jump Plymouth I Love Life challenge.  

THE HERALD'S I LOVE LIFE 4 - (MAIN SPONSORS ARE PLYMOUTH CITY COUNCIL, PLYMOUTH COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE AND THE UNIVERSITY OF ST MARK AND ST JOHN): Using Plymouth Life Centre for the sessions - Public Health in Local Business Focus (10 employees of Plymouth City Council - Traffic wardens, bin men, gardeners

2016 - Love Life 4 This project was for Plymouth City Council workers. The group was mixed between gender and age, and with participants from different Plymouth City Council roles such as traffic wardens, bin men and gardeners. The group chosen by Livewell Southwest, provided a different type of challenge compared to the previous I Love Life projects as 5 out of the 10 (originally planned for 12) participants started the programme classified as Healthy accordingly to body fat percentage.

The sessions were more advanced in comparison to the previous I Love Life groups and the goals of the individuals were different, for example one member of the group wanted to improve his half marathon time (following the exercise programme provided, he managed to improve his time by 16 minutes!). Like previous projects the big focus of the sessions is to create a teamwork based and encouraging environment. The activities were highly varied and designed to challenge them in a multitude of ways to increase fitness levels/build strength and enhance to motivation/enjoyment. 

Gavin provided two exclusive group exercise sessions weekly and one weekly health seminar (alongside Lucy from livewell) over an intensive 7 week period (all the sessions at the Plymouth Life Centre) after individual health tests at the University of St Mark and St John.

All members of the group received individualised support from Gavin and advice on how to achieve their goals. In some cases individuals were given exercise programmes to work around any pre existing injuries and to improve rehabilitation. Gavin's nutritional advice was also tailored to each individual member of the group in response to their differing goals e.g. weight loss versus muscle gain. 

WEEK 7 - The results after the first 7 week block are brilliant - as the group collectively achieved 9 points total visceral fat loss! and total collective weight loss of 4 stone 9.7lbs! (very impressive for a group in which half the participants started classified as healthy) 

The PCC group will now join forces with the other I Love Life groups for the monthly I Love Life challenges.

Ongoing Monthly I Love Life Challenges and BBC One 'Big Fat Cabbies' Documentary:

Monthly I Love Life Challenges provide the opportunity for the I Love Life groups to join forces and achieve something incredible that they wouldn't of been able to do prior to joining the programme. The 5k Rock Solid muddy obstacle race in Exeter was the perfect example of this. 

The Rock Solid team included members from 3 different I Love Life cohorts (from the taxi group - Michael, from the Cater ed group - Bridget, Debby, Sue, Lynne, Sian, Pippa, Ellen, Sandra, Veronica and Mike, and from the PCC group - Andy). On top of the 12 I Love Life participants, 18 family and friends joined in on the challenge. 

The event marked for everyone in the group, their first experience of a 5k muddy obstacle race and really tested them to their limits. I am proud to announce that everyone completed the course and it was incredible to witness everyone working together as a team, with many gruelling obstacles requiring teamwork to get through them.

The following monthly challenge was at Burrator. This activity has been a popular challenge and used annually as part of the I Love Life programme. Members from all 4 I Love Life projects took part. With the overall number a massive 49 people (including 11 children). The climb up to Sheepstor was great fun and the overall distance was approximately 5 miles. 

BBC ONE 'BIG FAT CABBIES' DOCUMENTARY -  Our BBC One documentary aired on April 29th on BBC one in the evening (BBC radio Devon appearance alongside Roger on morning of April 29th) with a special premiere screening on April 27th. It has been overwhelming to see the response the documentary has had on peoples lives and how it has inspired others to become healthier and more active. 

Gavin continues to train Roger and Mike an average of 3 times a week and look out for a BBC One follow up of their progress since the documentary...

Barney and Alex Charity 100 pound 3 month weight loss Challenge:
Barney Wills and Alex Gunning took part in Plymouth's Biggest Loser charity challenge with Gavin training both men. The challenge was based around a friend of the men, who offered a £1000 charity donation on the basis of 100 pounds of weight loss in 3 months.

The project far exceeded all expectations with the two guys amassing a huge social media following during the programme with numerous videos of the training sessions and their thoughts during the programme. They sold 'Team Barney' and 'Team Al' stickers which really captured the publics imagination and even got the project some celebrity endorsements from Brendan Cole and Harry Redknapp amongst others. 

The project results highlighted just how well the guys have done, with a collective weight loss of over 110 pounds/8 stone! which is incredible and works out at over 4 pounds a week of weight loss every single week. They have dramatically reduced their internal visceral fat scores and have transformed their lives and health. 

The amount of people inspired by the project has been humbling for everyone involved as well as the huge amount of overall money that has been raised for charities such as St Lukes. Barney and Alex now intend to carry on for a new project and continue to improve their health and fitness. 

2017 - 8 Week Fitness and Health Column and Video Series:
After being approached by the Plymouth Herald about an expert health and fitness column in early 2017, an 8 week column and video series was launched from Feb-April 2017. Each week focussed on a different theme with the intention to give readers a unique insight into how to make health and fitness improvements beyond what they would normally read about it.  


Here are the article topics for weeks 1-8:

  1. Health tests and expert weight loss tips
  2. Eating for performance and best weight loss/strength building exercises
  3. How to exercise with medical conditions
  4. How to avoid running injuries
  5. How to reduce lower back pain
  6. How to reduce shoulder pain
  7. How to avoid the usual plateau
  8. How to develop lifelong motivation for health and fitness

Each article includes four relevant tips that can be utilised for the desired result. Additionally all of the articles have an associated video, which can be viewed via the video section.

Articles and videos can be found on the Plymouth Herald site - with the final week's article having links to the previous weeks as well. To ask any questions related the columns or to have a consultation with Gavin, contact here