Gavin R.Seymour DHP, HPD, ObD, GPRf, PT, ITEC, ABT - Gavin's core belief is that all people should strive for their self-actualization (realising full potential/fulfilment) (Maslow hierarchy of needs - psychology model). His role as a renowned specialist health and performance coach is to create a defined pathway for people to do this. His first priority is health - working with individuals to create a tailored healthy lifestyle and develop positive tendencies that remove society's normal susceptibility to stress, laziness and uninformed strategies. When true functional health has been cultivated, the focus is reengineered to performance - allowing an individual to maximise their potential and achieve truly incredible results inside and outside.

The logo is inspired by the self-actualisation pyramid and the 'fibonacci spiral' (connected with the fibonacci number sequence) (mathematical concept found everywhere in the natural world - represents life in the logo). The logo simply means, giving people the tools and passing on knowledge to allow them to reach their life potential; mentally and physically.

Gavin's continous quest to teach is matched by his continuous quest to learn and keep updated with health science/neuroscience developments. He believes in the value of an holistic approach and has learnt many different disciplines in order to fully understand an individual in terms of health and performance. Gavin has expertise and many years of practical experience as a Personal fitness trainer (specialising in health risk clients (e.g. obesity, GP referral), functional resistance training for weight loss/full body toning and sports specific training (for elite performance, e.g. professional football). He has enormous range and scope in terms of group exercise instructing (taking a large variety of different classes to different profiles of gyms and members), developing a loyal following a group exercise participants. 

An area which Gavin gets incredible satisfaction is from public speaking. He has delivered numerous health seminars to business, schools etc., huge warm up routines for charity events and races, as well as large presentations for his 'Football Coded' (European parliament scientific committee nominated) measuring system for football performance and technique. Gavin's approach to health and performance is also heavily influenced by his education and practical knowledge as a sports massage therapist and clinical hypnotherapist/psychotherapist. As a sports massage therapist he is capable to aid clients recovery, rehabilitation and importantly injury prevention throughout exercise programmes. Finally the final piece of jigsaw, as a 'gold standard CPHT' trained clinical hypnotherapist/psychotherapist, he is able to explain the inner brain workings to individuals and give them the tools to conquer their challenges mentally which maybe holding them back physically. 

Gavin's (DHP, HPD, ObD, GPRf, PT, ITEC, ABT) Qualifications:

  • REPs registered level 4 Specialist (Highest in the UK fitness industry)
  • REPs registered Obesity and Diabetes Management (Discovery) (ObD)
  • REPs registered exercise training for Chronic Respiratory Disease
  • REPs registered Personal Trainer (Lifetime) (PT)
  • REPs registered GP Referral Instructor (YMCA) (GPRf)
  • Qualified Teacher - Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF) (YMCA)
  • Qualified Assessor - Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement (YMCA)
  • REPs registered Group Exercise Instructor 
  • NCH Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (HPD)
  • CPHT Diploma Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DHP)
  • Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist (ITEC)
  • FMS Functional Movement Screening Level 1 & Level 2
  • Body Massage Practitioners Diploma (ABT)
  • RockTape fascial movement Specialist (ROCK-DOC)
  • RockTape elitepower taping Specialist (ROCK-DOC)
  • RockTape Movement Coach - rehab and performance (ROCK-DOC)
  • Sports Specific & Functional Resistance Accreditation (Lifetime)
  • Exercise to Music Instructor (Lifetime)
  • Body Pump Instructor (Les Mills)
  • Indoor Cycle Instructor (YMCA)
  • High Intensity Circuits Instructor
  • Kettlebells Instructor
  • Boxing (& Body Pad) Instructor
  • Gym Instructor (Fitness Industry Education)
  • UEFA B Elite Senior Football Coach (FA Level 3) (UEFA)
  • Full FA Youth Award (FA)
  • FA Level 2 Football Coach
  • FA Futsal Level 2 Coach (FA)
  • Coerver Youth Diploma Coach
  • FA Emergency First Aid
  • FA Child Safeguarding & NSPCC Child Protection
  • NPLQ Lifeguard, First Aid at Work and Defib
  • EIHA Ice Hockey 1 Coach

 Gavin's Notable Achievements: 

  • Leading a project (I Love Life) that received recognition in a BBC 1 Documentary aired in September 2015 (12 minutes) and for full length 30 minute BBC 1 documentary on 29th April 2016. Gavin was responsible for over 47 stone of weight loss over 4 I Love Life projects. 
  • Nominated by a European Parliament scientific committee to represent the UK for 'scientific innovation' in Caserta, Italy for 'Ideas on the Move' project, based on work developing 'Football Coded' technique analysis programme. The Football Coded junior coaching programme has been endorsed by national football chain Goals Soccer Centres and licensed to their Plymouth site.
  • Expert Warm up provider for St Luke's Midnight Walk, Plymouth 10k and Sport Relief race.
  • Highly Capable public speaker, delivering Health Science Seminars (for organisations such as NHS Plymouth Community Healthcare and School Health Science Presentations/exercise sessions (for numerous local schools primary age up to sixth form).
  • Worked in various roles in Professional Football, such as performance analyst (for world leader Prozone and Exeter City FC) and pre-season fitness coach (Plymouth Argyle FC). Recently Gavin has also worked for Plymouth Argyle FC part time as a centre of excellence coach.
  • Worked as a Gym Instructor and/or Personal Trainer and/or Group Exercise Instructor at numerous established wellbeing centres such as: Nuffield Health, University of St Mark and St John Sports Centre, Virgin Active Devonshire, China Fleet Health Club, Derriford Health and Leisure, Brickfields and Life Centre 'Everyone Active', Elfordleigh Health Club and Morgan's Wellbeing Centre.
  • The Herald's Chosen Instructor for the 'Wedding Dress Challenge' and 'I Love Life' campaign - developing sustainable Healthy Lifestyles (providing simple workout routine videos and group sessions as the lead Health Coach).
  • Author of the Stonebridge Associated Colleges Personal Training REPs Level 3 Diploma course manual. 
  • Employed by Plymouth University to deliver Secondary School Assemblies on career 'Raising Aspirations' and encouraging exercise. Gavin has worked extensively with schools throughout Devon and Cornwall. 
  • Gavin works for Plymouth University as an Associate Lecturer for degree students studying their personal training modules. 
  • Reached the 10,000 hours milestone for PT and Rehab sessions - Thank you to all the hundreds of individual session and thousands of group session clients over the years!