University Associate Lecturer, trained in Psychology at the University of Southampton, Author/Course Writer for Learn Direct/Leap Academy, Corporate/School Public Speaker:

Gavin can offer cognitive training sessions which can teach you how to maximise your cognitive abilities. The main focus of these sessions is to develop memory capabilities as memory is crucial for success in many cognitive endeavours such as academic success. Gavin researched heavily on the topic of memory and specialised in memory techniques when he was studying for a psychology degree at the University of Southampton. The knowledge of how to memorise effectively has served Gavin immensely throughout his career as he has become a health multi-discipline expert.

As part of his current work for the University of Plymouth, Gavin delivers presentations at secondary schools to secondary school students and one of his most popular presentations is about advanced memory techniques for revision mastery. In this presentation, students are taught about the importance of imagery, creativity and emotion in the memory process and how to avoid forgetting. Gavin demonstrates his memory prowess in this presentation by asking students to name any country in the world and he can tell them the capital city. Gavin can offer one on one cognitive training support to students looking to maximise their revision time and understand the most effective ways to accelerate their learning and retain all the information they need to know for any upcoming exam.

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