TV Personal Trainer, University Associate Lecturer, Author/Course Writer for Learn Direct/Leap Academy, Multi-Discipline Health Expert:

Gavin is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Plymouth where he lectures students on certain modules throughout the academic year (PT course for Nutrition degree students). He is also a course tutor and course assessor, marking theory and practical assessments. This role in education and also Gavin's career achievements as a Personal Trainer such as being the lead expert in the national BBC One documentary 'Supersize Cabbies' led to him becoming an expert course writer for Learn Direct/Leap Academy.

Gavin is actively involved each week for Learn Direct/Leap Academy in course writing, online lecturing and course tutoring. He has played a significant role in course writing and course reviewing the L2 gym instructor course, L3 personal training course, L4 advanced sports nutrition course, and smaller CPD courses such as sport coaching and sports science. Gavin in the process of writing new courses for Learn Direct/Leap Academy. He also has a weekly online lecture for Learn Direct/Leap Academy Personal Training course students every Tuesday evening 6:30pm and regularly engages via email with PT and Advanced Sports Nutrition students as a course tutor.

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