TV Personal Trainer, Personal Trainer with over 10,000 hours experience, University Associate Lecturer, PT Course Author, Tutor and Assessor, Multi-Discipline Health Expert:

Gavin is a very knowledgeable, experienced and proven personal trainer with many years of results. His personal training work is known nationally through his national BBC One health transformation documentary where one of his client's went on to lose an staggering 13 stone in weight!

Gavin has achieved incredible results with clients across a complete cross section of diverse goals. His methods are unorthodox and connect his philosophy and holistic approach to health. For example, his knowledge of sports massage helps develop an injury free programme and his knowledge of solution focussed hypnotherapy ensures clients understand the importance of mindset and learn how to use their brains for positive change.

Gavin is committed to educating clients and the next generation of personal trainers. He is respected as a trainer to the trainers. As an associate lecturer for the University of Plymouth and PT course writer, tutor and assessor for Learn Direct/Leap Academy, Gavin is able to positively impact on the future of the health and fitness industry. Gavin is known as a master trainer and his availability for personal training clients is much reduced from previous years however if you have the opportunity to book in a personal training session or sessions in with him, you should take it as learning from someone at the highest level in their field will always be worthwhile and save many hours of mistakes in training in the long run.

Gavin currently delivers his Personal Training sessions primarily in his own exclusive private gym in his log cabin or via zoom online. When he has sessions with new/beginner clients he focusses on strengthening work, with the intention to build a strong foundation that would allow clients to take on any challenges they want as they seek to progress further into their fitness journey.

Private and Exclusive Personal Training setting in Plymouth...

Learn directly from a master Personal Trainer (as seen on national BBC One) who is responsible for educating thousands of UK personal trainers.

The following videos show some of Gavin's favourite footage from his early career as a Personal Trainer:

POV Personal Training Video

Video of elderly client lifting more than her bodyweight!

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