Nutritional Expert, Author to the Leap Academy/Learn Direct Level 4 Advanced Sports Nutrition course:

Gavin is a respected authority in the field of nutrition as the lead course writer for the popular Leap Academy/Learn Direct Level 4 Advanced Sports Nutrition course. This course teaches students how to gain the skills and knowledge to build bespoke nutritional plans for clients in a fitness environment. The course can provide an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the nutrition industry, or any fitness professionals who want to expand their knowledge base.

Whenever Gavin works with his own personal training clients he will always discuss nutritional strategies and offer nutritional analysis with dietary recommendations. Nutritional analysis and meal plans can be offered separate to Personal Training sessions. Gavin's philosophy around nutrition, is to encourage clients to make sustainable and gradual changes towards a healthy and balanced diet. Rather than offer generic meal plans, Gavin believes in the importance of a partnership when working with a client and ensuring the client is happy with every meal choice and comfortable with the preparation and cooking processes. Nutrition is a key component to the success of any weight, fitness or strength related goal.

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