Gavin is very experienced and comfortable in public speaking environments and has a unique ability to engage an audience in a variety of settings. He has regularly delivered large scale public speaking presentations over the past decade and is capable of delivering practical or theory based sessions.
Gavin is well known within the fitness industry for his feature national BBC One documentary titled ‘Supersize Cabbies’ where he coached a group of taxi drivers to achieve impressive health and body composition transformations. In regards to health, Gavin is a national leader in creating strategies to produce healthy, sustainable and significant change using an holistic multi-faceted approach. He has experience and qualifications across many disciplines of health and wellbeing such as in personal training/specialist medical condition fitness training, nutrition, injury rehabilitation/sports massage and psychology/clinical hypnotherapy. In his career Gavin has worked in numerous roles for educational, wellbeing and sporting organisations.

Gavin is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Plymouth and alongside lecturing and assessing work he also has an additional role for the university delivering outreach sessions to secondary schools. His job is to deliver public speaking presentations to secondary school students to raise their aspirations for higher education by educating and inspiring them with topics around physical and mental health. In this role Gavin has delivered public speaking keynote presentations on an array of physical and mental health topics to thousands of secondary school students across Devon and Cornwall.

In the corporate world, Gavin has also delivered numerous public speaking presentations, such as his 'health science' seminar which he has used at business organisations looking to educate staff on healthy living to cultivate a healthy workforce (to reduce illness, increase workforce morale and productivity). Some of Gavin's favourite public speaking venues include Plymouth Civic Centre and the European Parliament Hall in Caserta, Italy.

Gavin is able to deliver one of his many existing physical or mental health based presentations to schools or corporate organisations or develop a tailored workshop/presentation to maximally engage your audience.

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