Sports Massage Therapist, Body Massage Practitioner, FMS Corrective Specialist, Rocktape ROCK-DOC, TV Personal Trainer:

Gavin can provide Sports Massage Therapy/Remedial Massage Therapy and Rehab Strengthening. Whether you are an elite athlete or office worker, this form of manual therapy is very effective at reducing muscular tension, chronic pain, tightness and muscular imbalance. Any highly repetitive movement has the potential to create enormous tightness and create havoc with the body. For example, long distance runners frequently have high amounts of tension in their calves, IT bands, hamstrings and often have knee pain. Likewise office workers often have neck/upper back pain due to incorrect posture initiated tension and manual labourers often have shoulder pain for consistently using one side or doing the same imbalanced movement pattern repeatedly.

If your sport or job has unavoidable repetition then a series of sports or remedial massage treatments maybe your best and most viable solution to reduce pain and prevent injury. Gavin is highly knowledgable in anatomy, movement patterns and exercise prescription. Every treatment includes stretches that can be used post treatment to continue to reduce tension as well as additionally include an exercise programme to solve your individual muscular disturbances through addressing any deficiencies and imbalances.

Sports and Remedial massage therapy is completely tailored to you and solving your reason for treatment (e.g. chronic pain, muscular tension, pre/post sporting event etc.). Both types of massage stimulate circulation of blood flow, and skilfully use trigger point therapy (break down adhesions/knots), MET 'muscle energy techniques' and 'soft tissue release; to increase range of motion.

In conjunction with advanced massage therapy techniques and his exercise programming expertise, Gavin is qualified as a ROCK-DOC (trained in use of ROCKTAPE). Rock tape can be an effective tool in continuing the progress made in the sports/remedial massage sessions in the following days/week.

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