WSA Qualified Paddleboarding Instructor:

Gavin qualified as a paddleboarding instructor in 2021 and has used coached paddleboarding lessons to supplement his physical training options to clients. Paddleboarding is a great way to develop fitness, strength and balance, as well as experience the beauty of the ocean and rivers for mental health. Gavin can teach you how to paddleboard on calm conditions or coach you to perform advanced tricks or paddle in challenging ocean conditions. By learning to paddleboard with Gavin you are learning the fastest growing water sport in the UK and experiencing some of the most beautiful places across Devon and Cornwall.

Regardless of your starting level, Gavin can teach you the basics and get you standing up on the board and enjoying being out on the water. Beyond that you can also learn advanced turns, learn about the wind/tides and experience a paddleboarding tour. Gavin has a spare high quality paddleboard for lessons and life jackets. You can choose to wear your own wet suit or swim attire for your lesson.

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